corporate university

Corporate University


On 2nd October 2006 the LANDIRENZO Corporate University was founded. This is a high profile company school based on developing subjects related to research and technological innovation, market strategies, management and communication.
It is a key element of the company history that the Landi Group strongly believes in.

The objectives include: sustaining the development of the internal human resources that make up the main company heritage in order to consolidate the position of leadership on the international scene; favouring the diffusion of the culture of sustainable mobility and activating an institutional process of sensitisation in order to transmit and consolidate compatible ethical behaviour in the Group's mission; spreading the sense of social responsibility and contributing towards the improvement of collective well-being.

LandiRenzo Corporate University is not only concerned with development of internal human resources, but offers specialised training courses for other companies based on common requirements for studying trends in technology, methods or issues of particular interest for the future. These include training programmes for LANDIRENZO system installers guaranteeing optimal application of products made for the After Market and for automobile manufacturers.

Finally, in view of Landi Renzo's important role in promoting sustainable mobility, the Corporate University offers its services as a partner for universities, schools and other institutions wishing to offer training and information programmes for the promotion of environmentally sustainable mobility.

In September 2010, LandiRenzo Corporate University became a regular member of ASFOR.